Rohas Nagpal

Rohas Nagpal is a blockchain evangelist and Chief Blockchain Architect of Primechain Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Rohas comes from a cyber crime investigation and security background and has been working in that field since the mid 1990s. He co-founded Asian School of Cyber Laws in 1999 and has investigated cyber crimes & data breaches for hundreds of organisations across most industry and Government sectors. He has assisted the Government of India in framing draft rules and regulations under the Information Technology Act. He developed an interest in virtual currencies in 2011 while investigating a case of organized criminals using bitcoin. Since 2015, he has been working extensively in the blockchain / distributed ledger technology domain. At Primechain Technologies, he oversees the management of BankChain - a community of 37 banks for exploring, building and implementing blockchain solutions. He has filed for a provisional US patent titled "Transparent self-managing Know Your Customer (KYC) program using blockchain and smart contracts". His document on Man-in-the-middle attacks has been cited in patent US 8677466 B1 titled Verification of digital certificates used for encrypted computer communications (filed 2010). Some of the open-source projects that Rohas contributes to are YobiChain and the Blockchain Security Controls. He has authored 18 books & whitepapers (including the Cyber Crime Investigation Manual & Woman 2.0).