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Prepare to be Surprised by Ripple

Analysis: XRPUSD
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I do not often talk about Ripple but those who know me know that Ethereum Classic (ETC) and Ripple (XRP) are the only small to medium cap coins that I consider massively undervalued. My first investment in crypto after Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) was in XRP.

Back then everybody hated its guts! “Oh it’s the bank coin, centralized sh*t with massive supply problem”. All of you have heard those things so I need not repeat. However, all of you also know that those who called it a bank coin or a sh*tcoin eventually ended up buying it at some stage, even if it was for a short term. I have always liked ETC for its STRONG TECH and DEDICATED COMMUNITY and I’ve always liked RIPPLE for its BUSINESS ACUMEN and AGGRESSIVE TACTICS, which is why I have held on to these coins even in bad times. I would say to myself, “there are worst things to be stuck up with than XRP or ETC”.

XRPUSD Analysis
Ripple Price Analysis (XRPUSD)

XRP is a good coin but let’s face it, buying it above $2 didn’t make any sense. The reason of this post is to make a very simple point that XRP today is at a price that makes sense. I liked accumulating XRP but when it reached $2+, I was like, “Alright, I’m done buying more.”

Now that it has come down to $0.8 again, I think it’s a perfect opportunity to buy even if you don’t believe in this coin long term. At least you can make 3x returns, to say the very least when it reaches the previous high. If you want to hold longer, hey we have all heard about the Coinbase rumors and if this gets listed, it will be bigger than when Litecoin (LTC) got listed on Coinbase. Because most new investors will be like hey, this is $1, it will be $100 next year, let me buy a ton. Low price psychology. LOL. You guys have learnt enough. There are a lot, and I mean a lot of new people yet to enter the market. Good luck!

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