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About TOKIA Company

TOKIA is an entirely new generation of cryptocurrency exchange platform. TOKIA will enable users to buy or sell all major cryptocurrencies, and also the world’s most widely used fiat currencies, in order to provide them with both high liquidity levels and maximum convenience.

The three components create synergies with each other: Multi-currency blockchain Wallet enables users to store and manage all of their crypto assets that get traded on the exchange and get spent via the debit card from one convenient location; Direct debit card allows users to use virtual currencies in every day life, seamlessly converting their virtual currencies into traditional fiat currencies at the moment of payment; while the integration into a Fast and reliable exchange enables easy converting between multiple currencies stored in the wallet, and offers seamless conversion into traditional fiat currencies.

According to Tokia website: “Tokia introduces the bounty program in order to increase the effectiveness of our communication while spreading the information about goals achieved by developing the business. As a participant of Tokia bounty program, you will be rewarded for writing and sharing posts about Tokia, getting feedback on them, adding followers or views on share videos too.”

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