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    If you worry of the time it requires to become a profitable trader in Forex, you are wrong. It will only increase stress on your trading mind. You will lose control of your mindset. This condition forces the traders to execute big lot sizes. On the other hand, the traders also try to manage big profit margins from the trades. Being a rookie trader in the marketplace, you need to follow a short term trading process. Scalping or day trading is not good for big profit potential. You may hardly have any trade setup to ensure 4R or 5R of profit. Mostly you need to experience 2R of profit margin from the trades. To ensure a decent performance in the business, you need to reduce the targets and trade with proper cautions. That way, it will be possible for you to ensure the safety of the trading account.

    The security of your trading career should be the main concern in Forex. Without thinking about a secured trading performance, you will experience losses mostly. Thus, the trading account will blow up with big losses in a very short amount of time. So, spend your time on learning about proper trading skills.

    Improve your money management skill
    Money management is the first thing which traders need to ensure safety. It is important to manage the investment of the trades. If you want to make sure the trades are properly executed, your investment policy needs to be right. By right we are talking about having low-risk exposure for the trades. If you can ensure this kind of plan for the trades, it will help to execute trades properly. As the tension of losing money you can easily execute high quality trades. From a low-risk exposure, you also not to have too much to desire for. So the profit target will be decent for your market analysis too. Thus, you can ensure a quality trade execution even in the probation period of currency trading business in Forex.

    Try to be consistent with the money management plan. Think of a decent amount of investment from your trading capital. With a 2% risk per trade, you will be decent enough for the markets. And make sure you have access to the best Forex trading account to avoid unnecessary hassle. Chose brokers like Saxo to ensure professional trading environment.

    Take your time before placing a trade
    The rookie traders should also have patience in the trading approaches. Without rushing for any trade setup, you need to wait for the right one. Look through your market analysis skills and find a proper retracement in the price chart. When you have found one, look if there is enough scope to scale your trade. It will help you control the trades efficiently. Most importantly, you can utilize the stop-loss and take-profit for the trades. This way, you can secure the trading money from being lost.

    The novice traders in Singapore need to develop a proper market analysis. After that, they need to aim for decent profit potential. The improvement in trading quality also needs to happen in the same way. When you can master one strategy move onto another. Thus, improve your market analysis skills for the perfect execution of the trades.

    Demo trading is a good way to learn
    Turning your losses into profits requires a balanced trading edge. You may know there are two important things required to ensure a proper trading edge. One is the money management plan and the other is the trading approach process. If you can develop a robust trading strategy with both, it secure a decent profit potential for your trades. So, before getting into live trading, spend time with your demo account. Start with a decent capital which can motivate you for money management. On the other hand, the market analysis to scale trade is also important. So, learn about it too with your demo trades. As mentioned earlier, focus on one strategy or skill after another. It will help you improvise in the shortest amount of time.

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