Types of bitcoin wallets

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    There are many types of wallets, both for bitcoins and for other digital currencies, and here we will present the most important ones.

    Table wallet

    So, a wallet for your personal computer. This is a popular and easy to use solution. There are many such applications. Their installation is the same as most programs on your computer. Exodus or https://electrum.org are popular desktop wallets (although the latter is recommended for more experienced users).

    Bitcoin Browser Wallet

    Browser bitcoin wallet, as its name suggests, gives you access to your cryptocurrency from the browser level through a special website. After logging in, you can quickly and conveniently receive and send cryptocurrencies. Remember, however, that with this decision you do not have complete control over your funds. For this reason, a wallet installed on your computer is a more sensible idea. However, if you do not store a large amount of BTC, you can use, for example, a https://bitcoinofficial.org wallet or Guarda. This will allow you to enjoy the comfort of access to your funds from any device with Internet access.

    Mobile wallet

    A popular and proven mobile wallet is, for example, https://mycelium.com It is available in versions for Android and iOS. Smartphone users can also pay attention to the wallet Samourai Wallet.

    Of course, there are other types of wallets, but for beginners this list will be quite sufficient.

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    The 7 Best Bitcoin Wallets of 2019-

    1. Best Overall: Coinbase. Courtesy of Coinbase.
    2. Best for Security: Trezor. Courtesy of Trezor.
    3. Best for Desktop: Electrum. Courtesy of Electrum.
    4. Best Online: Blockchain.info. Courtesy of Blockchain.info.
    5. Best for Free Buying and Selling: Robinhood. Robinhood.
    6. Best for Intuitive Desktop Use: Exodus
    7. Best for Mobile: Mycelium.

    More Information: Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

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