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UnicornGo: Beautiful Game for Smart People

UnicornGo: Beautiful game for smart people

While bitcoin and other crypto currencies are slowly recovering after the crisis of the beginning of 2018, a new coin with the sweet name CandyCoin entering the market. And despite the funny and even somewhat frivolous name, this coin can become a real “cherry on the cake” of any investor’s portfolio.

What the CandyCoin is?

This is the internal currency of the UnicornGo project – a new blockchain based online game, confidently and rapidly occupying a leading position in the market already at the development stage. Team of  UnicornGo,patronage of which took on a well-known venture investor Alexander Borodich, received a massive feedback from the world community concerned, already there were real fans of bright and stylish unicorns. CandyCoin Tokens were issued with a limited emission of 12,000,000 coins, an additional issue is not foreseen by a smart contract.

This will undoubtedly contribute to the growth of the value of the sweet coin as the project develops. Recently CandyCoin appeared on the ForkDelta exchange, currently there is voting for the coin listing on the Cobinhood exchange, and there are negotiations with other popular crypto markets.

In the game UnicornGo users can become owners of mythical crypto creatures – unicorns, buy plots of land, grow candy trees and participate in tournaments. In the future players will be able to buy and sell or exchange their unicorns in the in-game market place, select partners for cross-breeding to obtain valuable offspring, change individual parts of the body or characteristics of crypto unicorns, train them and even mix in a "mixer" several simple unicorns obtaining one individual, endowed with the desired qualities and external features.

Over the schemes of gene crossing and hereditary transmission of various characteristics to the next generations of unicorns in the game UnicornGo scientists work genetics. Their research in this most interesting field of human knowledge is transferred to the blockchain by a project team that has an impressive experience in software development. It is interesting that every user of the game UnicornGo will contribute to the development of science – because the more different unicorns will be created, the more gene crossings occur, the more secrets about the mechanisms of gene mutations can be revealed by scientists with the help of blockchain technology.

Smart contracts of the game are based on Ethereum protocol, but later UnicornGo plans to move to the blockchain Universa, whith its high speed and almost zero transaction costs. Also developed a mobile version of the UnicornGo game which will take into account the geo-position and with elements of virtual and augmented reality, over integration of which works innovative company Izitex. And the most incredible surprise awaits users a little later – the UnicornGo team together with BasisNeuro has already developed a neural interface for managing crypto unicorns with the help of power of thought! UnicornGo has already drawn up a schedule of mental control tests, while a whole team is working on the design of the new high-tech gadget under the guidance of the designer who designed the TeslaTie for Tesla company. A new stylish gadget for controlling unicorns with the power of thought promises to become a real sensation!

The game UnicornGo will be able to become a door to a sweet life for each user, especially the early members of the community. Unicorns of the first generation, GEN-0, can already be bought on the official website of the company, and their number is limited to 30,000 individuals which will become the progenitors of all subsequent generations. Providing GEN-0 unicorns with some rare and valuable hereditary traits occurs randomly, and the chance of the Legendary unicorn falling out among the first generation is 30% higher than that of future generations. Every lucky person who will get the Legendary Unicorn will also receive a $ 10,000 prize from UnicornGo as a tribute to the team for their support of the project, as well as a reward for luck in the fairy-tale world.

In addition to their digital genetic traits each unicorn can also learn and develop and build its own market value due to its popularity on the Internet. The more popular a unicorn, the more likes he has, the higher his rating will be and a higher score could potentially lead to a higher trading value. Probably very soon we will see the appearance of celebrities among unicorns, such as Satoshi’s kitten from CryptoKitties game, estimated at 300 ethers. For the act of gene crossing with such a unicorn, their owners will be able to receive a very substantial payment, because many owners of unicorns will want to receive quality offspring or have a pedigree of the famous line.

To learn more about the project, purchase GEN-0 unicorn and get a chance to win $10,000 please visit the official website:

To play with unicorns outlook and to feel yourself trully the Creator please visit

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